Information & Professional Services Industries

PRO’s leaders have spent their careers in professional services and have delivered value to client law firms, consultancies, accounting firms, investors, and information services enterprises. We are in tune with the professional behaviors and motivations, market dynamics, technical horizon, and client demands that are vital to success.

As data, analysis, content management, and technical capabilities evolve and client demands for effective and affordable services increase, Information & Professional Services firms are continually adapting. PRO’s emphasizes on enabling each professional to manage client relationships, avoid low value tasks, and rely on a high-functioning support organization for their competitive innovation. PRO partners with Information & Professional Services firms to optimize their approaches to winning business and delivering profitably near term and for long-term success.

Functional Areas

  • Key Client Management
  • Business Development
  • Onboarding
  • Project Management
  • Deal Management
  • Competitor and Client Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Reporting

“We love how PRO was able to pull low value tasks away from our professionals while improving how our clients feel about working with us.”

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Improvement in Client Satisfaction

By Identifying and Addressing Key Operational Issues

System and Data Integration (30)


Contract Development (26)


Process Ownership (18)


Roles & Responsibilities (18)


Redundant Efforts (9)


Marketing, Sales and Client Relationship

A SaaS firm had grown both organically and through acquisitions. For the first time, they had an end-to-end platform solution that required a C-Suite sales relationship with their legal and professional services clients. However, the firm had no experience selling at that level and no collateral ready for the C-Suite. They desired visual maps to fill the void and demonstrate their solutions’ value.

Over 6 weeks PRO visited client locations, interviewed a cross-section of senior staff, and met with the firm’s clients to create a CJM showing how
General Counsels view law firms, plus an end-to-end Client-Matter Lifecycle map to depict how law firms meet client needs profitably.

Client Matter Life Cycle

Law Firms have appreciated the development of end-to-end Client Matter Life Cycle process maps, outlining key challenges. This example covers these 3 major steps:

  • Client Development
  • Business Acceptance
  • Client Delivery

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