Over the past 25 years, PRO has created the world’s largest knowledge-base of leading process templates across all industries and functional areas. Our knowledge-base allows our internal team partners to start with “the answer in sight” on every process improvement project, often reducing the analysis and design cycle by 75%.  Examples of PRO’s knowledge-base IP include:

  • Best Practices Workflows – to drive innovation, often adding a focus on growth
  • Benchmark Metrics – to create motivational stretch goals/KPI’s that combine ‘internal’ best demonstrated performance with external benchmarks
  • Improvement Opportunities – which tend to repeat themselves across companies and industries, thereby creating more immediate quick-hit ROI
Our Knowledgebase at Work

Some of our Industry & Functional Research is Available in the Click-Through Guided Tours Below.

Banking – Commercial Loan Process
Broker Dealer – Collateral Management Process
Contact Center – Customer Issue Resolution Process
Finance – Month End Close Process

Health Plan Operations – Claims Process

Simulation Dashboard: Global Loan Services Future State
Insurance – Claims-Auto Physical Damage
Insurance – New Business Process
Production – Continuous Process Flow
Supply Chain – Sales & Operations Planning Process
Wealth Management – New Business Development

Senior Executives Cite 5 Major Barriers to Capturing Benefits

“PRO interviewed scores of senior client executives that have experienced the three major eras of process improvement: Re-engineering 1985-1995; ERP/Year 2000;
Lean 6 Sigma to uncover lessons learned and best practices. What emerged were the major barriers to ROI, and PRO built its methodology to preempt these pitfalls.”


Inadequate content rich perspectives to facilitate redesign ideas
“…start with a clean sheet.”


Our firm owns the largest database of improvement ideas, process maps, best practices, benchmarks, and business measures.


Poor analytical rigor to clearly understand process performance
“…consistently applied tools are not necessary.”


Over 20-handcrafted project tested analytical tools to document process capacity and capability.


Limited skills transferred and organization ownership
“…they just borrowed my watch.”


Simplified tools and teaching based approach enables rapid intellectual uptake by client staff.


Unclear and intangible project benefits“
…the business case is anecdotal.”


Comprehensive baseline development to compare to ongoing performance


Substantial time demands on client staff
“…do your regular job at night.”


Our firm’s entire methodology is based on “examination of the process in action”.

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