The videos below demonstrate various tools and methods used regularly by PRO. Click on a thumbnail image to play the corresponding video.


Digitize & Optimize Your Business Process

A dynamic tour of PRO’s process maps that outlines the wealth of features available for mapping, digitizing and optimizing your business processes.


BPMN Quick Modeler

Demonstrates how the BPMN Quick Modeler lets you create Process Maps with ease, simply by filling out fields on a form.


Activity Tracker to Drive Activity Based Costing

Demonstrates how the Activity Tracker is used to record time spent on various tasks, and how the Data Compiler creates actionable reports from the data gathered by the Activity Tracker.


BPMN Simulations

Demonstrates how BPMN Simulations work to display a selectable range of values associated with a Process Map in real time. You can learn more about BPMN and Simulations on the Simulation Page.

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