We always start with technology-agnostic process analysis and design as the first and most pragmatic ROI-based improvement step.  Processes are the inescapable link between team-member organizations and technology.

Nearly all of our clients maintain internal improvement teams for Lean Six Sigma/re-engineering.  PRO’s business model is purpose-built to integrate with these teams and accelerate the ROI from their initiatives.  Executive sponsors are increasingly demanding step-change results in areas such as:

  • Moving beyond waste reduction to greater strategic innovation
  • More predictively delivering stretch-goal business cases
  • Increasing ownership and capabilities of front-line team members
  • Improving the linkage of process improvement to regulatory compliance

To guarantee ROI, PRO does not simply sell our content and tools, but rather provides them, at no extra cost, as we work with our internal team partners on Analysis, Design, Execution and development of their Business Process Repository.

The Process Puzzle

Project Benefits Matrix


Market Share

Competitive Advantage



Customer Experience

Easier to do Business

Service Delivery Satisfaction



Head Count

Inventory/Back Log


Quality Scores

Errors/Rework Rates

Net Promoter Scores

Optimization Drives the Greatest ROI Beyond Cost Reduction

Lean 6 Sigma has been enormously successful at reducing waste and cost. Now the fun begins, because the richest ROI lies in revenue and service improvement.

Solving the Process Puzzle

We’ve interviewed countless executives on the lessons and best practices from the three major eras of process improvement – Reengineering, ERP/Year 2k and Lean Six Sigma – and designed our methodology to build on those successes while avoiding the pitfalls.

Analysts, such as Gartner, have conducted extensive studies on Business Process Management success rates and have found that 80% of respondents felt a significant increase in their competitive advantage while 55% of the projects had returns up to $500,000 in just under six months. Further studies conducted by McKinsey & Company discovered that the top two concerns of companies are to improve their effectiveness & efficiency of business processes, while reducing costs comes in at a close third.

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