Our ability to simulate and optimize processes allows for a PRO guarantee that project benefits will cover our fees on every phase of every project, often many times over. All of our workflows are built in the new open-standard “Business Process Modeling and Notation” (BPMN 2.0) modeling language. An optional deliverable of every PRO project is the development of our client’s Business Process Repository for ongoing Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement and Technology Road-mapping.  Optimization opportunities vary across functions and industries but tend to fall into three major opportunity areas:

  • Simulation – to understand how shifting, triaging and eliminating work steps can dramatically improve revenue, cost, customer experience and compliance (link)
  • Capacity modeling – to better understand resources levels required across an end-to-end process and eliminate bottlenecks, especially during peak demand
  • Comparison of work units – which can be done at the individual desk or cell level all the way to processing centers or manufacturing locations. Variations of 50% are not uncommon.
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Research on Process Optimization Finds that Dramatic Change Must
be Led from the Top to Focus and Drive Bottom-Up Mobilization.

Therefore PRO often works with our internal team partners to facilitate the alignment of executive priorities to drive the change agenda.
Without the appropriate level of sponsorship we suggest deferring the change initiative until sufficient sponsorship evolves.

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